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Randolph Homes Need Professionals to Handle Water Damage

11/17/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment in a water damaged room When this Randolph home suffered water damage, we worked quickly to limit further damage and prevent mold growth.

How SERVPRO Technicians Accelerate Drying During Water Damage Remediation in Randolph?

The best way to control the extent of water damage to your Randolph home is to accelerate the drying process. SERVPRO technicians achieve this by creating conditions that favor drying.   

Establishing a drying zone is one of the first things SERVPRO technicians do during the water damage restoration of your Randolph home. A drying zone is an area where the technicians control the humidity, airflow, and temperature to speed up the drying of wet materials. SERVPRO experts create such a zone by sealing off openings between affected and unaffected areas by closing doors or erecting plastic sheeting (also called containment). Establishing drying zones allow the technicians to focus their equipment’s efforts; the smaller the drying zone, the better will be drying efficiency. Several rooms affected by water damage will be combined into a single drying zone to increase efficiency.

Positioning the Equipment

Establishing the drying zone is not enough to speed up the drying process. It is equally important to position the drying equipment properly within the area to increase the efficiency of the drying process. The two most essential pieces of equipment that SERVPRO technicians use in the zones are air movers and dehumidifiers.

  • Positioning air movers: Before beginning the restoration work, the SERVPRO technicians determine how many air movers are needed to dry your Randolph home. Once the number of required air movers is known, the next decision is where to position them. Air movers are placed to blow air directly on the wet materials. The technicians ensure that adequate airflow is maintained. If multiple walls are dried in a room, the technicians position the air movers to create a vortex of circular airflow. To maintain the vortex, the restorers place air movers close to each wall and at an angle (15° angle for axial and 45° angle for centrifugal air movers).
  • Positioning dehumidifiers: Dehumidifiers process the air within the drying zone to eliminate moisture. Simply placing the dehumidifiers in the drying zone is not enough; the technicians need to put them throughout the structure strategically. Ideally, at least one dehumidifier is placed in the room where water intrusion occurs. Other dehumidifiers are arranged to direct their exhaust towards wet materials such as saturated cabinets or wet hardwood flooring.

Controlled Demolition

According to the IICRC S500 guidelines, restorers must consider demolishing and removing structural materials if doing so can accelerate the drying process. If the technicians determine that structural demolition can expedite the drying process, they share the customer's information. SERVPRO technicians ensure that no demolition takes place without the customer's consent.

The demo step is not required if the water damage is limited to a small area and the water has not intruded into the structural components. Some of the structural elements that technicians might remove during water restoration of your Randolph home include:

  • Carpets soaked with water
  • Carpet pads
  • Baseboard trim of drywalls
  • Drilling holes in drywall to install wall cavity drying system

Water restoration is a complex process that involves carefully executed steps. Hiring an experienced restoration company like SERVPRO can help you limit the extent of the damage and reduce the restoration costs. We work hard to restore water damage to your home “Like it never even happened.”

To know more and speak with one of our experienced technicians, call SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County at (973) 895-5000; We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Fire Damage Restoration of Randolph Homes Happens Fast with Pros

11/17/2022 (Permalink)

puppy in a SERVPRO truck You will be as happy as this puppy when you call SERVPRO for fire damage restoration in your Randolph home.

SERVPRO Technicians Use Restorative Cleaning After Fire Damage in Randolph Homes

The smoke and soot produced during a fire damage incident in your Randolph home can harm the exposed surfaces and contents. SERVPRO technicians use restorative cleaning methods to remove the soils from surfaces to prevent long-term damage.

SERVPRO technicians use several cleaning products to remove surface smoke and soot residues during the restoration of fire damage to your Randolph home. The type of product used during repair depends on the residue and the kind of surface involved. SERVPRO technicians ensure that the products we use are safe and don’t affect the contents negatively. While some cleaning products are designed specifically for the contents, others are useful for cleaning structural surfaces.

Cleaning Smoke and Soot Residue

Removing smoke and soot residues involves breaking the bonds between the soil and the surface. SERVPRO restorers have a few ways of achieving this:

  • Agitation or scrubbing can remove dry and loose residues from surfaces
  • Dissolving the residues in an appropriate solvent can also remove some residues
  • Technicians remove oily residues by emulsifying them in a cleaning solution
  • In some cases, technicians also use ultrasonic sound to clean smoke and soot particles

Whatever the method used, SERVPRO technicians always ensure that the surfaces being cleaned are not harmed.

Technicians use petroleum-based solvents during the dry cleaning of surfaces and contents. The solvents clean draperies and fabrics that might shrink or experience distortion or browning if wet-cleaned. Dry cleaning with such solvents is effective on light soiling but not heavily soiled fabrics.

Technicians also use volatile dry solvents that evaporate quickly and don't leave any residue as spotting agents to remove oily and greasy. Volatile dry solvents act as a lubricant to remove carbon and soot and are preferred to remove smoke particles settled on surfaces. 

SERVPRO restorers remove smoke residue from surfaces such as drywall and furniture using mild detergents that do not contain any strong alkalis. The agents called wood oil soaps can remove smoke and soot particles from finished wood surfaces.

SERVPRO experts use fabric rinses are mildly acidic cleaning agents that stabilize the fabric dyes in carpets and furniture fabrics.

Cleaning Appliances

Cleaning smoke and soot particles from appliance surfaces can be especially challenging as various metals, paint, glass, Formica, etc., are used in their construction. As these surfaces are non-porous and non-absorbent, SERVPRO technicians use water-based detergent solutions to clean them. SERVPRO restorers use the following approaches to clean appliances after fire damage to your Randolph home:

  • A high alkalinity cleaning agent removes greasy and heavy smoke and soot from appliance surfaces. The fundamental nature of these solvents can cut through the sticky smoke residue.
  • Yellowing of appliance surfaces due to protein fires in the kitchen is cleaned by SERVPRO technicians using light abrasion with a '0000' grade steel wool.

Smoke and soot after fire damage can not only ruin the aesthetics of your home but can cause irreparable harm if not cleaned properly. Trained SERVPRO technicians have the knowledge, skill, and experience to deal with any fire incident, small or big. We ensure that your home is restored “Like it never even happened.”

Call SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County at (973) 895-5000 for a fast and efficient restoration service.

Professionals Can Help Control Mold Damage in Randolph Homes

11/17/2022 (Permalink)

mold damage on a ceiling A mold infestation in your Randolph home can seem quite overwhelming. Contact SERVPRO immediately for mitigation and remediation services.

Why does it Pay to Hire SERVPRO for Mold Damage Restoration in Randolph?

Mold damage to your Randolph home can have lasting effects if not handled promptly. Mold can cause aesthetic and even structural damage to your home. Hiring professionals like SERVPRO can help you restore your home safely, “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO effectively handles mold damage in Randolph homes as our technicians have a scientific approach to remediation. We understand the importance of preventing the fungal spores from spreading to the unaffected areas and use tools and techniques to ensure it. SERVPRO technicians follow the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) S520 Mold Remediation guidelines during the restoration process. Our technicians collaborate with science experts like the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) professionals and Indoor Environmental Professionals (IEP) for an efficient and safe restoration process.

What Causes Mold to Grow in Your Home?

Our indoor environment is full of microscopic, airborne spores of fungi. However, mold damage problems occur when these fungi find a conducive place to germinate, grow, and thrive.

Fungi require three things to grow and multiply in your Randolph home:

  • Moisture
  • The right temperature, and
  • Organic material as a food source

Most fungi grow when excess moisture is present, and the temperature is between 680 and 860F. However, some species can also grow in temperatures as low as 320F and 1220F. Microbes generally feed on organic material, including wood, paper material in drywall, and carpet fibers like cotton, jute rayon, and wool. These surfaces regularly accumulate spores; however, mold damage occurs when these materials become damp.

As the spores absorb moisture, they swell and send out a network of structures called hyphae. Some hyphae grow like roots and penetrate the material on which the fungi grow, while others grow upright and produce spores on top.

Trying to remove mold without the proper precautions can result in the spores becoming loose and spreading to unaffected areas. Professional restorers like SERVPRO take special precautions, erect containment zones, and use state-of-the-art equipment to prevent this.

Removing the Mold Contamination

SERVPRO's remediation begins by erecting containment zones using high-strength 6-mil polyethylene sheeting, PVC pipes, wood framing, or spring-loaded expansion poles.

Negative air pressure is established and maintained in the containment zones using negative air machines (NAMs) fitted with HEPA filters. The goal is to prevent the airborne spores from getting out of the containment zone into the unaffected areas of the building.

SERVPRO technicians ensure that robust environmental hygiene practices are employed throughout the restoration process.

Technicians carefully remove the contaminated material using razors and knives to avoid gathering dust and bioaerosols. SERVPRO technicians further limit the spread of the contamination by employing several engineering controls that include the following:

  • Using control systems vacuuming the visible contamination from surfaces or containing it with 6-mil poly
  • Using controlled sources of water or pump sprayers during restoration processes
  • Monitoring the specific humidity throughout the process and taking steps to dry the environment to prevent amplification of the microbes quickly
  • Bagging and wrapping the wet materials immediately in heavy-gauge poly and disposing of them properly.

Professional restoration of mold damage can ensure safe and efficient remediation, and it pays to hire a service like SERVPRO.

To know how we can help you in your time of need, call SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County at (973) 895-5000; We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Commercial Water Removal for Randolph Businesses

11/16/2022 (Permalink)

muddy, contaminated water, white partition and debris SERVPRO extracts contaminated water from commercial buildings in Randolph and then disinfects it. Let's get back to work!

SERVPRO Water Cleanup is Available

Businesses can succumb to water-related property damages from a variety of sources. Failure to maintain public restrooms, cleaning appliances, and plumbing can all be the root causes of a sudden premises emergency. Equally, unexpected water intrusions can occur from sustained periods of rainfall or local flooding. These events prevent commercial premises from functioning correctly and can force temporary closures that result in revenue losses. Knowing a local restoration service is essential for any premises manager that wishes to deal with these issues promptly and with minimum fuss.

SERVPRO Provides

  • Water damage restoration
  • Water cleanup
  • Emergency services

Communication is the core aspect of successful commercial water removal in Randolph. Our customer services operate twenty-four hours a day to prepare the necessary documentation, mobilize equipment and send technicians to your premises in an emergency. Understanding the context of a water intrusion event can help us correctly prepare for the unique challenges each one presents. This information can include questions about how the emergency occurred, the extent of damages, and how long ago the incident happened.

Water restoration is time-sensitive. The longer moisture resides in a property, the more damage it causes. These damages can relate to contamination, stagnation, microbial growth, and vapor or humidity impact. If the cause of water intrusion is a sewer backup, then it is likely that the high levels of contamination in the water affect the premises. Black water damages often require wholesale replacement of materials that make contact with contaminated materials. Controlled demolitions and extensive sanitization must be carried out to return the premises to a safe state.

Stages of restoration for contaminated water emergencies

  • Contaminated materials are shoveled into double-sealed bags and safely removed from the property.
  • Excess water is removed using specially designed solid waste pumps, while salvageable materials are treated with powerful disinfectants.
  • Extensive cleaning of the affected area and replacements for demolished materials are completed once the site is disinfected.

To get your business back together quickly after an emergency, contact SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County for water removal at (973) 895-5000.

Water Mitigation Strategy Protects Carpets in Randolph

9/17/2022 (Permalink)

water extractor wand poster SERVPRO extracts water from carpets in Randolph using advanced equipment. We preserve and save your flooring, "Like it never even happened."

Randolph Water Damage Flooring Actions

Many clients wonder why they should dry a carpet vs. allowing the carpet to dry naturally. After all, they feel that the water can evaporate over time, causing little damage to the carpet.

There are several reasons why SERVPRO feels they should apply water mitigation techniques in Randolph homes to carpets. Every situation is distinct and should be assessed based on the following factors:

  • The amount of water absorbed by the carpet
  • Ambient humidity levels
  • Construction of the carpet
  • Carpet materials
  • Primary backing
  • Condition and type of underpad
  • Existing carpet warranties

Crawlspace foundation homes require attention to drying the floor joists and sheathing, which are comprised of cellulose materials. Mold and odors can cause poor IAQ indoor air quality and damp conditions below. We check and inspect to ensure all building elements are dried to standard levels.

  • Subfloor construction
    • Hardwood
    • Particleboard
    • Multiple layers of subfloor
  • Potential for delamination
  • Presence of mold

Carpets, which are allowed to remain wet for more than 72 hours, risk destabilizing the glues that are holding the carpet fibers together with the backing, the growth of mold, and the subfloor's structure weakening if it has absorbed moisture. Wet carpets over hardwood floors can also cause the wood to absorb water and swell, causing cupping or buckling. Protect your home, fixtures, and contents with rapid water removal to mitigate or prevent water damage.

Contact SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County for water mitigation service to Easton and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (973) 895-5000.

SERVPRO Provides Water Damage Repairs to Tile Floors in Randolph

8/19/2022 (Permalink)

wet tile by carpet SERVPRO is the answer for water damage cleanup for Randolph area tiled floors. "Like it never even happened."

Can SERVPRO Complete Water Damage Repair to my Ceramic Tile Floor in Randolph?

Many consumers consider ceramic tile floors impervious to water damage in their Randolph homes. Ceramic tiles are not porous, and the grout between the tiles used to fill the joints is usually waterproofed when the floor is installed. Unfortunately, our homes shift over time, or there is damage to the grout, and small cracks in the grout or even the tiles cause the tile to be vulnerable to water damage.

SERVPRO provides water damage repairs to homeowners in Randolph and surrounding areas. Our services include water cleanup, drying after a water leak, and restoring walls and flooring materials, including ceramic tiles, concrete, resilient tiles, and hardwood floors.

When ceramic tiles are on the floor, water can penetrate cracks in the grout or tiles, which the subfloor will absorb. The subfloor may swell and cause the ceramic tiles to come loose at the joints, or the ceramic tile may also crack, allowing more water to penetrate the floor.

Before reinstalling the tiles, SERVPRO dries the subfloor. If access to the subfloor can be arranged from the bottom, it can be dried before we reinstall the ceramic tiles. Another approach is to remove the tile and drill holes through the ceramic tile cement used to hold the tile in place. We ensure the floor is dried in this manner before replacing the tiles and re-grouting between the tiles. SERVPRO uses non-penetrating moisture meters to check for moisture in the subfloor before replacing the tile.

SERVPRO provides the following water damage repair services:

  • Water Clean up
  • Water damage restoration
  • Water damage repairs for flooring, walls, and contents

Call SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County for water damage repair services. We cover Randolph and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (973) 895-5000.

Professional Trade Secrets for Restoring Fire Damaged Homes in Randolph

8/19/2022 (Permalink)

fire burned resilient floor tile, charred SERVPRO restores your fire damaged Randolph home--"Like it never even happened."

Aspects that Help Remove All Traces of Fire damage in Randolph

A fire incident can leave a permanent mark in your life both from the financial losses incurred and the physical alterations in your home. Just like insurance covers help you overcome the financial loss, professional restoration services can help restore your property to its preloss state. We work closely with Randolph homeowners and their insurance adjusters to ensure a positive outcome.  

Fire loss incidents differ, so proper evaluation is necessary after fire damage in your Randolph property to determine the best steps to take. In many incidents, a considerable percentage of the problems are caused by residue deposits, unless the flames entirely consume the property. It is possible to remove most deposits left by the fire through cleaning but requires a proper understanding of what transpired during the incident. Fire & Smoke Restoration Technicians certification, FSRT, means our SERVPRO crews can evaluate the outcome of fire and determine the forces at play during the actual fire, therefore, creating an effective response plan.  

To restore the fire damaged property to its preloss state through cleanup, a proper understanding of several factors is crucial because they affect the ability to clean items. The main ones include the type of materials burnt, airflow patterns in the building, the types of smoke residues left, and the amount of oxygen, heat, and moisture present in the fire. If the fire burns more synthetic materials than natural ones, the resulting residues are harder to clean. Hotter fires lead to residue impingement because they open up pores on materials complicating the cleaning process. Our SERVPRO technicians respond to these issues in different ways, including using professional cleaning agents to dissolve residues, and applying heat and mechanical agitation, among other steps. The sophisticated equipment in our green trucks to facilitate these processes includes:  

  • Portable heaters
  • Pressure washers
  • Multi-surface scrubbers
  • Hydroxyl Generators  

Unlike most other visible problems, bad odor is invisible, but it can make your home uninhabitable. Odor particles penetrate deep into materials making it hard to eliminate them. Our SERVPRO technicians take different approaches to deodorizing property. Using ULV foggers, we can deliver deodorizing agents that pair with odor particles, neutralizing them. We also use state-of-the-art odor control equipment such as hydroxyl generators and ozone generators.  

It is possible to eliminate the painful memories of fire damage. Call SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County at (862) 305-9757 to help. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

We Have a Rapid Response Time to Randolph Flood Damage

8/19/2022 (Permalink)

generators and dehus on semi-bed servpro green Pictured is a large desiccant dehumidifier that is used to help clean up flood damage in large buildings in Randolph.

Flood Damage in Randolph Is a Threat Requiring Need Qualified

Flooding can occur from summer storms to winter blizzards that melt and runoff into structures.

SERVPRO ensures that local residents experience a fast response to situations involving flood damage to their Randolph property. We hire people who show dedication to our community and the well-being of its residents and then provide them with extensive training. Part of this includes on-the-job experiences with more knowledgeable restoration experts who point out the variations that play essential roles between different jobs.

Part of restoring homes and businesses requires physical labor, but a significant portion also depends heavily on science and the use of technology. Because of this, our employees also gain certifications from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This aspect of their training ensures that our customers receive the results they need to help their families recover from disasters like flood damage.

Clearing the sediments deposited all over floors and pushed into cabinets and closets requires buckets and shovels. This preliminary work gets your home ready for drying out and future restoration. IICRC training stresses the importance of following the steps in mitigation so we can provide our customers with the results they deserve.

Wooden frames and flooring can twist and warp when either too dry or overly damp conditions exist. Our moisture detection equipment helps us achieve optimal conditions at rates that prevent any other damage from occurring. Drying equipment creates airflow currents that pull moisture out of wet materials and then push that water vapor toward dehumidifiers or open windows. Installing new elements in a damp environment sets the stage for mold and other related deterioration to happen in the near future.

SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County's flood damage specialists are always ready to help with water extraction and restoration. Contact us at (862) 305-9757. to have IICRC-certified specialists make your home livable again.

How Water Damages Warehouses on Randolph

8/16/2022 (Permalink)

Water Damaged Floor Just a little bit of water can do a lot of damage. Call us today to minimize your loss.

Removing Standing Water from Your Randolph Warehouse  

With the winter well underway, structures all over Randolph are battling the crippling cold weather. As cold snaps find their way into the area, immense structures like your warehouse battle to maintain warm conditions despite the general degradation of the metal building and steeply dropping temperatures. Exposed water lines within the structure can fall victim to freezing severe enough to burst the pipes, resulting in several problems for your business.  

The restoration and recovery of water damage to Randolph businesses should fall to the capable hands of professional restoration teams. Our SERVPRO professionals have unique training and cutting-edge equipment to manage both the extraction and drying needs of your business. Also, we have skilled technicians capable of performing pack-out services to protect your wares within the warehouse from the potential ruin they face through direct exposure to standing water. If your company already has our free Emergency Ready Profile Plan app, our responding technicians can move immediately to shut off valves and have a more efficient approach to the recovery of your facility.  

Emergency services like extraction are vital when freezing pipes burst in your facility. Water can quickly collect on the concrete flooring and pool, leaving boxed items vulnerable to direct water exposure and penetration. We have many potential tools that can remove water from the floors of the facility, but the most effective of these for widespread concerns would be our truck-mounted extractor trucks. We can direct the discharge of this standing water to the sanitary sewer and allow our most potent pump to remove water at up to 300 psi.  

Drying out your warehouse falls to the capable machines in our inventory, such as our direct heaters, air movers, and dehumidifiers. Because of the colder weather, direct heaters can help to thaw any other frozen areas of pipe within the damaged area before repair and re-insulation. Centrifugal air movers can get positioned directly at the worst saturated points for effective vaporization of moisture damage.  

Without the fast response of our SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County professionals, water damage in your warehouse can get out of control quickly. We have effective extraction and drying techniques to get your facility back to pre-damaged conditions. If disaster strikes or you want information about planning with our free Emergency Ready Profile Plan, contact us at (973) 895-5000. 

Clearing Smoke Residues from Walls and Ceilings in Mendham

8/16/2022 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Mendham your fire damage will be serious let SERVPRO help.

SERVPRO has what it takes to clean your Mendham home after fire damage.

As you have been taught from a young age, when fires break out in your Mendham home, your best action is to get as low as possible and work your way to a safe exit. Smoke rises, and that is why the bulk of the smoke removal and cleaning that our SERVPRO team performs happens on the upper half of the wall surfaces and along the ceilings. With sophisticated tools and products, we can manage these residues to prevent a need for widespread tear-out and reconstruction when possible.

While cleaning up smoke and fire damage in Mendham homes is necessary to return the structure to a pre-damaged condition, there are detailed approaches to accomplish these tasks. Depending on the severity of these residues on specific surfaces, various agitative cleaning practices can be beneficial in removing the loose particles resting on the surface to better aid in effective cleaning with our powerful products and equipment.

Convection is heat moving through the movement of air. As you know, heat rises as it is lighter than colder air, and the same practice affects present smoke in the environment as well. This cycle continues until the fire gets extinguished. These convection currents can be instrumental in depositing soot and smoke particulates on wall surfaces, ceilings, stationary fans, and light fixtures. Ventilating your home immediately after extinguishment can help to reduce these deposits.

Agitative cleaning practices like vacuuming and using light brushing can help to break buildup loose and leave only a thin layer of soot or smoke residue for cleaning products to overcome to reach the affected surface underneath. In more challenging situations involving materials like countertops, we can utilize soda blasting techniques to remove the residue, partially deodorize the area, and protect the material underneath the layer of smoke particles.

Focused cleaning efforts are a vital element to restoring your home after a fire loss incident, and our SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County team has the experience and cutting-edge equipment to overcome nearly all of the obstacles you might face after a fire loss. Give our team a call anytime at (973) 895-5000.