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Call Randolph's Expert Residential Water Cleanup Team

3/16/2024 (Permalink)

bubbles from water leak inside a wall Randolph homeowners benefit from SERVPRO's rapid water damage cleanup and restoration. Faster to any size disaster™.

Cleanup is Essential for All Watery Messes

Your home in Randolph might sustain water damage for many reasons - a slow leak from an appliance, condensation on exposed pipes, cracked plumbing, or other unexpected problems. SERVPRO® is always nearby to assist homeowners with water cleanup with an experienced and highly qualified team.

Different spills result in varying degrees of water damage, requiring scaled approaches to water cleanup of your Randolph property. Our team members are IICRC-certified in water-related cleanup, mitigation, and restoration services. Water can severely affect many of your home's countless components.

Depending on the result of each situation, each requires water cleanup of different types to address the water damage issue. Here are a few different situations you might encounter in your Randolph property that would benefit from SERVPRO's cleanup, mitigation, and restoration services:

  • Water covering your garage floor during the winter,
  • Drain leaking underneath the kitchen or bathroom sink, and
  • Faulty caulking that allows water from showering to enter behind the tub surround.

Water expands as it freezes, and if it enters any cracks within a concrete floor inside an unheated garage, more severe deterioration will most likely occur. SERVPRO can stop additional water from covering the floor and get the area cleaned up and dried out fast. Doing this also protects your home if the two are attached.

Cabinets can hide water leaks while becoming damaged on their interior sides. We make minor plumbing fixes, clean the area, and dry it out for you.

When caulking ages, it weakens and can dislodge from surfaces. Showering can allow water to get behind the tub surround whenever someone showers. Over time, this can create a perfect environment for microbes like mold. Dark, free of drafts, and with a steady supply of moisture, microbes can colonize such areas. SERVPRO can clear the area of anything present, apply antimicrobials, dry it all, and reseal it with long-lasting caulking.

For situations like these, call SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County at (973) 895-5000. Our cleanup services can simplify the process of protecting your home.

Randolph Homes Need Professionals to Handle Water Damage

3/28/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment in a water damaged room When this Randolph home suffered water damage, we worked quickly to limit further damage and prevent mold growth.

How SERVPRO Technicians Accelerate Drying During Water Damage Remediation in Randolph?

The best way to control the extent of water damage to your Randolph home is to accelerate the drying process. SERVPRO technicians achieve this by creating conditions that favor drying.    

Establishing a drying zone is one of the first things SERVPRO technicians do during the water damage restoration of your Randolph home. A drying zone is an area where the technicians control the humidity, airflow, and temperature to speed up the drying of wet materials. SERVPRO experts crate such a zone by sealing off openings between affected and unaffected areas by closing doors or erecting plastic sheeting (also called containment). Establishing drying zones allow the technicians to focus their equipment’s efforts; the smaller the drying zone, the better will be drying efficiency. Several rooms affected by water damage will be combined into a single drying zone to increase efficiency. 

Positioning the Equipment 

Establishing the drying zone is not enough to speed up the drying process. It is equally important to position the drying equipment properly within the area to increase the efficiency of the drying process. The two most essential pieces of equipment that SERVPRO technicians use in the zones are air movers and dehumidifiers. 

  • Positioning air movers: Before beginning the restoration work, the SERVPRO technicians determine how many air movers are needed to dry your Randolph home. Once the number of required air movers is known, the next decision is where to position them. Air movers are placed to blow air directly on the wet materials. The technicians ensure that adequate airflow is maintained. If multiple walls are dried in a room, the technicians position the air movers to create a vortex of circular airflow. To maintain the vortex, the restorers place air movers close to each wall and at an angle (15° angle for axial and 45° angle for centrifugal air movers). 
  • Positioning dehumidifiers: Dehumidifiers process the air within the drying zone to eliminate moisture. Simply placing the dehumidifiers in the drying zone is not enough; the technicians need to put them throughout the structure strategically. Ideally, at least one dehumidifier is placed in the room where water intrusion occurs. Other dehumidifiers are arranged to direct their exhaust towards wet materials such as saturated cabinets or wet hardwood flooring.  

Controlled Demolition 

According to the IICRC S500 guidelines, restorers must consider demolishing and removing structural materials if doing so can accelerate the drying process. If the technicians determine that structural demolition can expedite the drying process, they share the customer's information. SERVPRO technicians ensure that no demolition takes place without the customer's consent. 

The demo step is not required if the water damage is limited to a small area and the water has not intruded into the structural components. Some of the structural elements that technicians might remove during water restoration of your Randolph home include:

  • Carpets soaked with water
  • Carpet pads 
  • Baseboard trim of drywalls
  • Drilling holes in drywall to install wall cavity drying system

Water restoration is a complex process that involves carefully executed steps. Hiring an experienced restoration company like SERVPRO can help you limit the extent of the damage and reduce the restoration costs. We work hard to restore water damage to your home “Like it never even happened.”

To know more and speak with one of our experienced technicians, call SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County at (973) 895-5000; We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Water Damage Mitigation in Randolph Homes Requires Expert Help

3/27/2023 (Permalink)

Water On a Tile Floor Let SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County fix it, Don’t stress it.

SERVPRO Guarantees Fast Water Damage Mitigation in Randolph

Addressing a water leak on a property urgently before secondary damage occurs. Restoring the property may take a while, but hiring a professional water mitigation firm to extract water, dry the building, dehumidify, and disinfect it can produce results faster.

At SERVPRO, we always ensure that our team abides by the restoration standards and laws through disaster training sessions aimed at delivering high-quality restoration services. Water damage mitigation is a crucial service that can help you restore your home quickly after a water leak. Several steps are involved in the process, but the outcome is that a building becomes safe to re-enter and ready for additional cosmetic fixes. The steps we take in the water mitigation process include the following:

  • Stopping the flow of water
  • Assessing the damage
  • Extracting the water
  • Drying and disinfecting the property
  • Clean up

Our SERVPRO technicians perform water mitigation services first and follow this up with water restoration services to repair the damage that water causes. Even though it’s possible to perform water mitigation and water restoration services separately, we often rely on both methods to restore water-damaged properties. 

Removing all the standing water prevents more damage, such as mold infestation, from occurring. Our SERVPRO technicians can use electric submersible pumps to extract the water. The water removal process can vary based on the materials affected. For instance, if the carpeting has delaminated, it is necessary to remove it. On the other hand, contents like upholstered furniture may require washing. Our team can then dry the affected areas using air movers and dehumidifiers. We position air movers to blow air on damp materials. 

We can also open assemblies like flooring, walls, stairs, voids, wall base areas, and built-ins to access pockets of saturation and remove contaminated unsalvageable components and materials. 

This means that our SERVPRO technicians can remove construction components as needed to clean, decontaminate, and dry interior wall surfaces or other areas that rising water has contaminated. 

When you need assistance with water mitigation, call the professionals at SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County. Our 24-hour hotline is (973) 895-5000.

Water Mitigation Strategy Protects Carpets in Randolph

9/17/2022 (Permalink)

water extractor wand poster SERVPRO extracts water from carpets in Randolph using advanced equipment. We preserve and save your flooring, "Like it never even happened."

Randolph Water Damage Flooring Actions

Many clients wonder why they should dry a carpet vs. allowing the carpet to dry naturally. After all, they feel that the water can evaporate over time, causing little damage to the carpet.

There are several reasons why SERVPRO feels they should apply water mitigation techniques in Randolph homes to carpets. Every situation is distinct and should be assessed based on the following factors:

  • The amount of water absorbed by the carpet
  • Ambient humidity levels
  • Construction of the carpet
  • Carpet materials
  • Primary backing
  • Condition and type of underpad
  • Existing carpet warranties

Crawlspace foundation homes require attention to drying the floor joists and sheathing, which are comprised of cellulose materials. Mold and odors can cause poor IAQ indoor air quality and damp conditions below. We check and inspect to ensure all building elements are dried to standard levels.

  • Subfloor construction
    • Hardwood
    • Particleboard
    • Multiple layers of subfloor
  • Potential for delamination
  • Presence of mold

Carpets, which are allowed to remain wet for more than 72 hours, risk destabilizing the glues that are holding the carpet fibers together with the backing, the growth of mold, and the subfloor's structure weakening if it has absorbed moisture. Wet carpets over hardwood floors can also cause the wood to absorb water and swell, causing cupping or buckling. Protect your home, fixtures, and contents with rapid water removal to mitigate or prevent water damage.

Contact SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County for water mitigation service to Easton and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (973) 895-5000.

SERVPRO Provides Water Damage Repairs to Tile Floors in Randolph

8/19/2022 (Permalink)

wet tile by carpet SERVPRO is the answer for water damage cleanup for Randolph area tiled floors. "Like it never even happened."

Can SERVPRO Complete Water Damage Repair to my Ceramic Tile Floor in Randolph?

Many consumers consider ceramic tile floors impervious to water damage in their Randolph homes. Ceramic tiles are not porous, and the grout between the tiles used to fill the joints is usually waterproofed when the floor is installed. Unfortunately, our homes shift over time, or there is damage to the grout, and small cracks in the grout or even the tiles cause the tile to be vulnerable to water damage.

SERVPRO provides water damage repairs to homeowners in Randolph and surrounding areas. Our services include water cleanup, drying after a water leak, and restoring walls and flooring materials, including ceramic tiles, concrete, resilient tiles, and hardwood floors.

When ceramic tiles are on the floor, water can penetrate cracks in the grout or tiles, which the subfloor will absorb. The subfloor may swell and cause the ceramic tiles to come loose at the joints, or the ceramic tile may also crack, allowing more water to penetrate the floor.

Before reinstalling the tiles, SERVPRO dries the subfloor. If access to the subfloor can be arranged from the bottom, it can be dried before we reinstall the ceramic tiles. Another approach is to remove the tile and drill holes through the ceramic tile cement used to hold the tile in place. We ensure the floor is dried in this manner before replacing the tiles and re-grouting between the tiles. SERVPRO uses non-penetrating moisture meters to check for moisture in the subfloor before replacing the tile.

SERVPRO provides the following water damage repair services:

  • Water Clean up
  • Water damage restoration
  • Water damage repairs for flooring, walls, and contents

Call SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County for water damage repair services. We cover Randolph and nearby areas. We can help 24/7. Call (973) 895-5000.

Mendham Homes Are Rescued with Rapid Water Removal

4/17/2022 (Permalink)

water spots on carpet in room, gray SERVPRO can salvage your water damaged carpets in your Mendham home's finished basement.

Are Carpets and Area Rugs a Loss from Water Damage?

Since a water spill follows the path of least resistance, water damage tends to hit flooring the hardest, particularly porous items such as carpet and padding. The big question from homeowners is if the carpeting is restorable, and some factors affect the outcome.

Whether or not water damage in Mendham is to the carpeting or area rugs, the loss depends first and foremost on the type of water spill. Clean water results from plumbing failures and is the most restorable type. We can often restore carpet soaked by gray water events such as an overflow from a sudsy washing machine. If the property owners requests, we do remove the carpeting. However, carpet exposed to black water, which comes from sources such as groundwater or sewer backups, cannot be mitigated and poses health and safety issues. If property owners wait more than 48 hours to begin cleanup efforts on clean water in a home, we handle it as black water due to the potential for contaminants.

Other factors that determine the restorability of carpeting is how quickly the extraction efforts began. We used different types of equipment, such as our portable pumps with weighted extractors to push the water out of carpeting or our Rover ride-on wet vacs that use the weight of the SERVPRO technician to push water up and out of carpet and padding.

Our technicians hold specific certifications in restoration sciences as taught by The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), and they possess specialized training for drying carpets in place. A common technique called "floating" is often used. In this application, we loosen the carpeting on one side, and air movers are positioned to drive air throughout the underside of the carpet and over the padding. This method causes embedded moisture to rise and speeds drying times. In some cases, we uninstall carpeting for drying outside of the property. Once the carpet attains drying goals confirmed through moisture readings, we perform any needed odor control to ensure the home retains no odors from the water.

SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County works to mitigate water damage in properties and limit loss through our restoration techniques. Call us at (973) 895-5000, and our technicians can make it "Like it never even happened."

Are You a Randolph Property Owner with a Water Loss? Try Calling SERVPRO for Remediation

3/31/2022 (Permalink)

a puddle of water on the hardwood floor of a living room When your house is facing water damage, any delays can cause additional decay. Our SERVPRO team is standing by 24/7 - 365 days a year.

Why Water Damage Cleanup Should Be Handled Professionally in Randolph Homes

It is interesting, a large number of water damage calls we get for this area of New Jersey, are not whole house floods. However, what happens in one area of the home, can affect the entire property. Musty odors left by improperly addressed water saturation in both structure and contents are just one example.

The timeline for mitigating water damage in a Randolph property starts ticking as soon as there is an interior water spill. Common reasons for this occurrence are water supply line failures, an appliance such as a washing machine or dishwasher malfunctioning, and sometimes it is human error such as forgetting a faucet is on and overflowing a sink or bathtub.

During the first hour, water can continue to spread through carpet and padding as well as be absorbed into flooring, walls, and upholstered furnishings. The finish on wood furnishings has the potential to bleed onto carpeting, causing permanent staining. Drywall does not fare well when exposed to water as it wicks it quickly and the gypsum then begins to break down.

The potential for saving delicate possessions such as books or important papers is particularly in your favor if you begin water cleanup efforts within 24-hours of a water loss event. SERVPRO has access to the same equipment as the Library of Congress for the preservation and restoration of damaged books or important papers. There are several methods for drying paper-made possessions; often they are frozen until the best method for restoring the item is determined.

SERVPRO IICRC-certified technicians are trained in the deftness of remediation and know that the first course of action is to extract as much water as possible. We have portable pumps as well as standing water removal machines called Rovers. The highly maneuverable rovers use the weight of the technicians to force water out of surfaces where it is quickly extracted. This machine is especially beneficial for use on carpeting and results in lowered drying times. Lingering, musty odors from the water are most often neutralized when the premises is completely dry.

SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County stands ready to assist property owners with water damage cleanup and restoration. Get started by calling (973) 895-5000 and our emergency response teams arrive within hours because We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

What is Water Mitigation? Mendham Residents Deserve Well-Rounded Restoration Services!

12/28/2021 (Permalink)

WATER BLISTER IN CEILING AND WALL SERVPRO can puncture the water damaged ceiling in this Mendham home to remove the water and then begin the water damage mitigation

Mendham Water Mitigation Restoration Project Goes Smoothly with SERVPRO

It is essential to know that all water restoration projects must include water mitigation steps. What is water mitigation? This is the initial step for the process to handle water damage in any building, commercial or residential. Proper mitigation with the help of our SERVPRO crew prevents further damage to your Mendham from taking place. Our steps include:

  • Water removal services
  • In-depth moisture control
  • Controlled demolition (as needed)
  • Structural drying

When it comes to water mitigation in Mendham, you can think of it as our emergency response to help contain the initial impact of the water emergency. Once we get in and start working, we help minimize secondary water damage like:

  • Crumbled drywall
  • Bleeding dyes or rust development from furnishings
  • Buckling, cupping, or warping floors
  • Moisture migration into unaffected zones
  • Widespread mold growth

Know the Difference: Water Mitigation vs. Water Restoration

It is a common misconception that mitigation and restoration are the same. Mitigation is the first line of defense, preventing any further damage from taking place. Restoration is the next phase of restoring your property and contents to pre-water event conditions. With water restoration, our IICRC-certified technicians work to:

  • Restore any damaged structural areas
  • Mold remediation
  • Conducting humidity and moisture tests
  • Sanitizing and cleaning affected property
  • Controlled demolition, as needed

Any water damage, even an overflowing tub or spill in your kitchen, calls for fast action. Leaving water and moisture unaddressed for a long time leads to structural issues and a host of other complications. SERVPRO features the latest technologies and proven methods to get your home back to normal, “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County is your ally when you need prompt, reliable water mitigation services. You can request help online or give us a call 24/7 for emergency service at (973) 895-5000.

Randolph Homeowners Benefit from Skilled Water Restoration Companies Like SERVPRO

11/25/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle SERVPRO has the equipment and skilled technicians to help get your home back in shape after a water mishap.

Experience and Technology Make SERVPRO a Top Choice for Water Restoration Companies in the Randolph Area

Burst pipes or a faulty washing machine hose could lead to a big mess and costly water damage without the proper methods of clean up. When you have a water-related emergency that comes up at your Randolph property calling the skilled water restoration technicians at SERVPRO will get you quality, efficient results. Not only do we have the level of experience you need, but we are also available for 24/7 emergency response. This brings you great peace of mind that your property will get back to normal fast. 

Why call on companies like SERVPRO to your Randolph home for water restoration? There are many working parts for any flood restoration or water damage project. Having a team onsite with the capability to get everything cleaned up and dried in a timely manner makes a world of difference.

SERVPRO takes time to plan out each emergency services water damage project to help us achieve our goals as quickly as possible. We will also keep our clients informed of each step and work with your insurance provider to help you streamline the claims process. 

Keep SERVPRO's contact information handy, and we can be there when you need us for:

  • Rapid Response Times – We know that emergencies are not always taking place during working hours. We are available nights, weekends, and holidays, 24/7 – We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, arriving within hours of your call!
  • Highly-Trained IICRC-Certified Technicians – We have water restoration technicians (WRT) and odor control technicians (OCT) using all the latest techniques to make your interior “Like it never even happened.”
  • Restoration vs. Replacement – Our crew works under the motto to restore versus replace whenever possible, saving you money on the project.

For water restoration companies, SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County is ready whenever you need us for water removal services, drying, and more. Call us to dispatch our Green Fleet at (973) 895-5000.

How Many Contractors Needed for Water Damage Repair in Randolph?

9/6/2021 (Permalink)

water covering the floor of a living room Water damage often requires more cleanup than a homeowner can handle. Call SERVPRO for water removal and remediation services. We are standing by.

SERVPRO Streamlines and Simplifies Wrap-Around Water Damage Restoration in Randolph

Water damage in Randolph, as well as other locales, sometimes requires a simple mop-up. All too often, however, water-soaked building materials create a more complicated set of circumstances that need a long list of interventions before a house returns to preloss condition. Lingering moisture and water remain, exposing residents to secondary damage like mold damage and weakening of supportive structures.

Can a Reputable Water Damage Restoration Company Offer Services Beyond Extraction and Drying?

SERVPRO crews are experts in water detection, water removal, and applied structural drying, relying on best practice training from the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to manage these phases efficiently and appropriately for your Randolph home. Some tasks that facilitate effective water removal and any removal, replacement, repair, or rebuilding require specific skills not every water damage restoration has. Still, we make sure to include them in our repertoire.

Why Does SERVPRO of Southeast Morris County Hold a General Contractor’s License?

Frequently during a water disaster recovery project, the skills of a general contractor are helpful. Our construction division fills an obvious need when assessing for structural integrity or proposing, planning, and implementing controlled demolition. Tasks that fall in this purview include:

  • Constructing supports for weakened structures
  • Securing damaged exteriors after storm damage
  • Creating outlets to release trapped water, such as weep holes, drainage holes or flood cuts, removing damaged building materials without risking the integrity of underlying structures  

Can SERVPRO Manage Rebuilding in Randolph After the Water Mitigation and Remediation Complete?

Whether your home suffers from damage tracing directly to a water emergency or controlled demolition left spaces bereft of drywall and full of water drainage holes lining up a build-back contractor is unnecessary when SERVPRO is already on the job. Hanging drywall, repairing warped flooring, or realigning cabinets are all examples of water damage repairs SERVPRO completes as part of the larger water damage restoration plan.

Hiring SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County covers your water damage restoration project from initial assessment through any build-back. Save time and money with one cohesive plan by calling (973) 895-5000 and exploring your options.

Contractor Licenses:

General: 13VH06013000

Is Engineered Wood Salvageable After Water Damage in Randolph Homes?

8/18/2021 (Permalink)

Drying Mats We have the training, expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment to restore your home to pre-damage condition after a water incident.

With a Swift Water Restoration Response, We Protect Many Installed Materials in Randolph Properties. 

Water damage incidents come in all sizes, making their overall impact on sensitive building materials vary as well. Engineered wood flooring is a common element in modern homes but can be heavily damaged and degraded by water. 

What Makes Engineered Wood Challenging to Restore? 

Water cleanup in Randolph homes impacts many building materials almost immediately upon exposure. With small seams to engineered wood flooring, it does not take long for standing water to penetrate this surface layer and encompass planks with damaging moisture. Surface water cleaning should be the priority to allow for moisture meters to detect damp pockets that require further attention.

What Actions Preserve Engineered Wood Flooring? 

When moisture damage has been identified in the flooring material, there is a finite amount of time before irreparable harm results. Water can initially go through phases of bonding with the wood cellulose, beginning with surface and free water and moving to trapped and then bound water. At this final stage, there is no salvaging the floors. Initial drying involves multiple tools like:

  • Drying Mats
  • Air Movers
  • Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR) Dehumidifiers

With a water damage incident that affects multiple rooms, varying floor materials will be impacted by migrating moisture. Our SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County team can help with swift extraction and drying solutions to limit build-back. Call us at (973) 895-5000.

What Type of Cleaning Products Are Necessary During Water Restoration in Randolph Homes?

6/28/2021 (Permalink)

water damaged ceiling; sagging, holes in ceiling to drain water Leaking pipes upstairs can cause water damage downstairs. SERVPRO is ready to completely restore your home.

SERVPRO Understands the Top-rated Chemical Agents in the Industry Thus Easing Water Clean Up

After a burst pipe or ceiling leak introduces moisture in unwanted areas of your Randolph home, you have to think of more than just drying the property. A thorough cleanup is one way to restore the property to its preloss state. Having the correct cleaning agents can help you get desirable results faster.

A sudden spike of moisture levels in the house creates many problems, including foul odors, stains, rust, and even mold. When planning water restoration for your Randolph home, you need a strategy to handle all the problems. SERVPRO relies on superior chemical agents to resolve things like soiling and pungent odor.

Advanced cleaning may be necessary during:

The selection of a cleaning product depends on its constituent chemicals since it must effectively remove soils without adversely affecting the materials. Our SERVPRO technicians also consider the preferences of the house occupants, including any allergies or dislike of certain fragrances in cleaning agents.

The essential constituents in cleaning agents include:

  • Sanitizers
  • Sterilants
  • Antimicrobials
  • Disinfectants

Apart from choosing highly rated products, our SERVPRO teams also use specially formulated cleaning agents suited for specific tasks such as cleaning windows, wood products, or removing particular soils. The products have zero VOCs, biodegrade rapidly, and are non-toxic.

SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County oversees any type of water restoration tasks. Call us at (973) 895-5000 for assistance in resolving any problem, “Like it never even happened.”

Don’t Wait to Begin Water Removal if You Have an Emergency in Mendham

6/27/2021 (Permalink)

a broken copper pipe with water leaking from it Effective water removal is critical after a water damage situation. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 365 days a year to investigate and remediate.

SERVPRO Acts Fast to Help Mendham Residents Get the Water Removal Services They Need!

Even when you think that you can begin DIY efforts for basement flooding or burst pipes, it is always best to call in skilled water restoration technicians (WRT). SERVPRO not only tackles water extraction and drying using proven methods, but we also ensure no moisture lingers that can lead to secondary damage.

To guarantee rapid, efficient water removal in Mendham, SERVPRO uses the most advanced equipment for water clean up and extraction, including:

  • Wet vacuums
  • Pumps
  • Light wands
  • Rovers
  • Drying mats and more

Time is always of the essence if you need water damage restoration. SERVPRO is available for all water damage types, including Categories 1, 2, 3, and moving onward into mold remediation. However, a quick call to our team will get us at your door within hours to begin an immediate assessment to begin extraction and drying before mold and mildew have the chance to develop.

Should the water damage be excessive, we also offer controlled demolition services to replace your unsalvageable materials with brand-new drywall, flooring, baseboards, and anything else to make it “Like it never even happened.” General Contractor License #: 13VH06013000

SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County is here 24/7 to handle emergency response for water removal services. Call us at (973) 895-5000 to have our Green Fleet dispatched to your property to get started!

Who Should Property Owners Contact for Professional Water Mitigation?

2/24/2021 (Permalink)

Water damaged basement Water restoration should be left to the professionals. SERVPRO techs are trained and experience in water mitigation.

Contact SERVPRO Restorers Immediately for Fast Water Mitigation in Your Randolph Home

Water damage can strike your property silently without notice. Your dishwasher may leak, or your faulty faucet may spill water on your hardwood kitchen floor. The incident requires the attention of a reputable restorer to get your property to its preloss condition.

The time we take to mitigate our customer's property depends on the severity of water damage. At SERVPRO, we consider water mitigation in Randolph homes as an emergency. Water tends to damage materials made of porous materials. Our technicians' team responds fast to customers whose properties require professional water mitigation. We conduct the mitigation process within the shortest time possible.

We use special techniques and equipment to minimize damage and mitigate the affected area effectively and within a brief period. Our mitigation process involves:

  • Removing furniture and materials damaged beyond repair, including surfaces such as flooring and drywall.
  • Ensuring the stability of your home is not affected.
  • Cleaning and disinfecting salvageable items using advanced products. We can use phenolics mixed with cleaning detergents to clean and disinfect the valuables.
  • Inspecting the property thoroughly to ensure the mitigation process was effective. We can use penetrating moisture meters to test for moisture in carpeting and drywall.

If you need professional water mitigation services, contact SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County for world-class services that can make the water loss appear "Like it never even happened." Our helpline is (973) 895-5000.

Cleaning Up Water Before Excess Damage Sets In

1/26/2021 (Permalink)

lake with trees in background Water belongs in the lake- not in your home. Let SERVPRO cleanup your water damage while you enjoy the great outdoors.

Contact SERVPRO When you Require Water Cleanup Fast at Your Randolph Home

Located in Morris County, New Jersey, Randolph is a township with a population of 25,734 (from the 2010 United States Census). This number was up from 19,974 when the Census was taken back in 1990.

It is recorded that the Lenni Lenape Native Americans were the original inhabitants known to the Randolph, New Jersey area. The earliest settlers of European origin were the Quakers, with one of the pioneering landowners in the region being Hartshorne Fitz-Randolph. Fitz-Randolph had purchased about 1k acres here in 1753, which later became the township's namesake.

During the beginning portion of the 20th Century, Randolph became quite a vacation haven due to the number of lakes, ponds, and woods in the area. Throughout the 1950s, many large hotels, bungalow colonies, and farms dotted the region. Many notable performers appeared at the local hotels, including Frank Sinatra and Phil Silvers. Additionally, the Saltz Hotel was known as a training location for boxers Rocky Marciano, Max Baer, James J. Braddock, and Floyd Patterson.

Notable Landmarks in Randolph, New Jersey

When it comes to learning more about local history, there is nothing like taking in some of the landmarks in the area:

  • Throughout Randolph, you will find the Liberty Tree that dates back to 1720.
  • There is also the Bryant Distillery, dating back to 1869, which is famed for applejack.
  • Now rehabbed to house office space, there is also the 1924 Millbrook School.
  • Catalouged on the National Register of Historic Places is one of Randolph's oldest streets, known as Gristmill Road.
  • If you wish to learn more about all the township's heritage, there is the Museum of Old Randolph.

Caring for Your Randolph Home in a Water-Related Emergency

No matter what occurs, it would be best if you act fast when you have water damage of any kind in your Randolph home. SERVPRO features skilled technicians that utilize industrial-grade pumps and extractors to assist with all of your water cleanup needs.

Some of the calls that we get for water cleanup in Randolph include situations such as:

  • Broken or burst pipes
  • Faulty appliances (dishwasher, washing machine, water heater)
  • Overflowing toilet, sink, or bathtub
  • Clogged septic/backup

Once you call us for assistance, we arrive fast to begin the assessment and cleanup. Our Green Fleet comes equipped with air scrubbers, carpet cleaners, dehumidifiers, pumps, and other tools that help us to remove water, eliminate moisture, and mitigate damage to cut costs and speed the restoration process. Our IICRC-certified water restoration technicians (WRT) have the skills to handle all levels of damage, including minimal cleanups to severe, involved projects.

When it is time to call someone for water cleanup, SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County has your best interests in mind. We work to restore rather than replace, meaning we salvage whatever possible throughout your interior's cleaning and drying. Call us 24/7 for emergency service at (973) 895-5000, and we send a crew to your door within hours.

Celebrate Thanksgiving in Mendham with a Little Bit of Nature

11/2/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration vehicles on road SERVPRO team members enjoy hiking at the Schiff Nature Center. We hope to see you there!

A Nature Walk in Mendham is an Excellent Way to End Thanksgiving Weekend

Suppose you are thinking of celebrating Thanksgiving in the Mendham area. In that case, you may want to consider ending the weekend at the Schiff Nature Center by joining a hike led by a naturalist on Sunday, November 29th, from 10 to noon. Visit the nature center’s website and make a reservation online. It is hard to believe that such a beautiful natural treasure exists right in Morris County, but the area lives up to its motto, “Where Wild Things Happen Naturally!” In your visit, you will enjoy:

  • Over 15 miles of trails within 768 acres of nature
  • A lesson in history through its display of artifacts dating as far back as the Revolutionary period
  • Hundreds of animal and plant species around you, which you can identify quickly by doing a little bit of research before your arrival

Thanksgiving may be somewhat different this year, and SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County is ready to jump in when water restoration services are needed. However, until an emergency happens, we encourage you to enjoy all the area has to offer. When the time comes, you can call us at (973) 895-5000 and let us leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

What Secondary Damage Can Occur After a Leak?

10/16/2020 (Permalink)

Hands holding home Trust that your home is in good hands with the experienced technicians at SERVPRO.

A Leak in Your Randolph Home Can Cause Secondary Damage That Only a Professional Team Can Help You Address.

A burst pipe in your Randolph home can cause a dramatic event or leak for some time before you notice what's happening. The water compromises your walls, personal belongings, and other structural elements in your home. Rather than take a wait-and-see approach, take the proactive step of calling a water restoration technician before secondary damage erupts.

SERVPRO is at your service for water cleanup services for homes in Randolph. Our team is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) to apply industry best practices to help restore your home. The dangers of leaving water unattended are far beyond cosmetic. In some cases, the excess humidity can cause mold to grow, becoming a threat to your health. To prevent future problems, call our 24/7 hotline and let us put our expertise to work for you.

What can I do before professionals arrive?

If water is seeping into your carpets and flooring, you may want to elevate your items if possible. Our SERVPRO team has all the necessary equipment to help you do this and the capability of boxing and moving things out of your home as needed. When the damage isn't as extensive, we may set up a staging area in another part of your home where your belongings are safe from absorbing any more water. Another step you may take is to ventilate the site as much as possible and soak up excess moisture with a wet/dry vacuum if available. Once we arrive, you can see our staff use a combination of some of the following techniques-

Drying mats to extract excess water from hardwood materials 

Injectidry to circulate warm air within wall cavities and protect your walls

Wand extractors to remove water from hard-to-reach corners

The size of the leak does not matter when it comes down to protecting your home. SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County is here to help when you need us. Call us at (973) 895-5000 and we will leave your home, "Like it never even happened." 

Whom Can I Call to Extract Water from my Home Quickly?

8/13/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO truck in  drveway of home Our team is always ready to go to handle your water loss event.

Only a Water Restoration Technician has all the Tools Necessary to Extract Water from your Randolph Home

Randolph homeowners may think of a water leak only in terms of the inconvenience it causes, ignoring the impact of standing water. Every minute we allow water to sit after it leaks, we let it damage our flooring, cabinets, and walls. Calling a water restoration technician for expert advice is the first step in protecting your home and your family's health.

In Randolph, water mitigation services are our specialty at SERVPRO. Our technicians focus not only on removing water and drying your home; we also mitigate conditions favorable to the growth of bacteria and repair your home so you can enjoy it once again. Because time is important when a leak springs, our technicians are available around the clock to remove water and any ensuing cleanup.

How damaging can a leak be?

When our sink or bathtub leaks, it may appear insignificant. Many of us homeowners think we can mop the excess water and leave it at that, however, if water seeps into your drywall. Underneath a cabinet or into your floors, you could face complex issues in the future. It is not uncommon for our SERVPRO team to receive a call due to a musty smell or ceiling discoloration. Both can be the result of an old water leak. Our technicians specialize in structural issues and odor control, and we can evaluate the damage once we arrive at your home. 

You can avoid future problems by reaching out to our SERVPRO crew as soon as the water loss incident happens. With time on our side, we can use one or several of the following techniques to dry your home-

  • Injectidry technology which lets us dry wall cavities and behind cabinets
  • Drying mats to protect your flooring from delaminating or buckling
  • Wand extractors to dry even the hard-to-reach corners of your home

Please do not sell short the impact of a leak, however small it is. Call SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County at (973) 895-5000 as soon as you can. We work hard to mitigate your loss of time and money and leave your home, "Like it never even happened."

More about Randolph.

My Toilet Overflowed – What Do I Do Now?

6/9/2020 (Permalink)

leaking bathroom pipe Having water damage issues with a possible sewage one too? Call the pros from SERVPRO to mitigate your water damage needs in your Randolph home.

Your SERVPRO Water Damage Professionals in Randolph Have the Answers You Need to Handle Your Flooded Bathroom

Immediate mitigation is the key to any water loss, and a toilet overflow situation is no different. The cause of the overflow determines the course of action taken by the SERVPRO experts in Randolph. You may be dealing with water spill only or a combination of water and sewage.

Why do I need a rapid response to a simple toilet flooding?

You may have only water damage in your Randolph home, or it can involve sewage as well. Either way, immediate mitigation is critical. Problems resulting from a bathroom flood can include:

  • Water damage to the floor and underlying floorboards
  • Sewage spill that leaves a mess that is difficult to clean, and is contaminated
  • Odor problems that can be a result of the sewage or wet material
  • Ceiling staining and damage
  • Water seeping under cabinets, toilet bases or tubs

How Does SERVPRO Deal with the Bathroom Flooding?

First, our rapid response team accesses the water loss and determines the exact steps needed to deal with your unique problem. If the spillage resulted from a ruptured water line or cracked toilet tank, then the water is category one, clean water.  Removing excess water to prevent further damage is one of the initial steps taken. Other actions can include:

  • Sewage removal and cleanup
  • Dealing with odors – professional deodorization equipment makes sure no lingering smells remain
  • Drying out the floors, walls, and cabinets using dehumidifiers and air movers
  • Cleanup and repair flooring and ceilings that may be damaged by the overflow
  • General Contractor License #: 13VH06013000 for a seamless restoration
  • Monitoring the drying process to assure that no hidden problems occur

Our goal is to ensure that your bathroom is restored to its former state, “Like it never even happened.” Our mitigation professionals move quickly to take care of your bathroom flooding problem immediately.

Do not stress and worry if your toilet overflows. You can trust SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County at (973) 895-5000 to provide professional water damage service that is Faster To Any Size Disaster.

How Do I Remove Water From My Home In Randolph?

4/23/2020 (Permalink)

Water inside home, man on phone. No matter when you make the call, we have technicians who can assist you.

Call SERVPRO to Bring In a Team of Professional Water Removal Technicians

Even a small amount of water can cause hundreds and thousands of dollars in damage. Quickly removing it from inside your home is the best way to halt continuing damage and increase the amount of property that can be restored or repaired, instead of having to replace it. 

OK, You’re Here. What happens next?

Since you described the problem (and sent a few pictures) to our 24/7 office team, Water Removal Technicians (WRTs) start work immediately upon arriving at your Randolph home. Each SERVPRO team comes with a complete equipment kit to begin drawing out water and moisture. 

  • Water Pumps – No matter the size of your home, we have the right-sized, commercial-grade pump. For townhouses and other compact homes, WRTs use equipment that can be easily pulled behind them. If the water has spread out over larger areas or perhaps flooded a basement, team members use longer hoses that connect to the pumping mechanism outside the home. For large residences, our teams bring in truck-mounted pumps that can run off the vehicle’s engine or an accompanying generator for round-the-clock support to clear the home as quickly as possible.
  • Extraction Wands and Other Equipment – These smaller devices are more efficient in homes where the water is not as deep, about an inch or less. WRTs can use wands that attach to a backpack pump and collection container for very small rooms and closets in your home. For long hallways and large rooms, they can use larger devices that connect to an outside generator and containment tank. Where needed, they also have the option of using a device a team member can ride on, carefully watching every inch of carpet and other floorings. 
  • Water Absorption Pads – To draw water out of some flooring, WRTs use these pads when there is a risk of damaging the surfaces. They are also very useful on rough, concrete floors and in tight areas where an appliance cannot be moved (i.e., water heater), and the space between it and the floor is too small to effectively use an extraction wand. 

The water is gone now, but my home still feels damp and uncomfortable. How do you get rid of that?

After removing the majority of the water, there is still moisture in the air and some water trapped in the floor trim and drywall, even ceiling panels, if the initial leak source was upstairs or in the attic. To detect and remove both, our teams use four key devices:

  • Moisture Meters and Sensors – The sensors help us determine where water is trapped inside the home, and the meters enable us to determine which tools to use and a safe level of operation. The meters can also measure the humidity, or water suspended in the air.
  • Dehumidifiers – These devices draw moisture out of the air, lowering the humidity. The size of the home and the level indicated by the moisture meter determines how many team members set up for operation. 
  • Exhaust Fans – WRTs place these at the exits of affected rooms to draw out the damp air, enabling the dehumidifiers to work more efficiently. 
  • Air Movers – These devices generate a warm flow of air that we use to carefully force moisture out of walls and ceilings. As the moisture is pushed out into the surrounding air, it is pulled out by the fans or captured by the dehumidifiers. 

The humidity level is much more comfortable now. However, there is still a musty odor from all the water.

We can take care of that as well. Most odors disappear after WRTs lift, dry, and re-attach carpets. When odors linger, team members then use a combination of covering odors to disguise the musty smell as they use cleaners on stains and foggers to generate particle clouds that eliminate the odors. 

What about my wood floors, can you restore them?

In most homes, yes. After removing the water, team members use the same devices that lower humidity and draw out moisture to carefully remove it from wood flooring. Our WRTs are highly trained to perform this task without cracking, splitting, or otherwise damage your wood flooring. 

Will my homeowner’s insurance take care of everything?

It depends on your policy. Most insurance agencies in our state prefer restoration and repair over replacement unless it is cheaper to do so, which means much of what we do at SERVPRO is approved. We carefully follow each agency’s requirements to ensure the cost to you is the lowest possible. 

Our goal at SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County is to put you back into your home as soon as it is safe to do so. If you have had any flooding in your home, call us at (973) 895-5000 today to find out more about what we can do for you and your home. 

Your Best Guide to Randolph Water Damage Restoration

3/8/2020 (Permalink)

leaking dishwasher in kitchen Don't fret when leaks cause water damage in your home. Team SERVPRO is standing by 24/7 to take your emergency call.

Restoring Water Damaged Homes In Randolph

As the third-largest community in our county, Randolph enjoys the small-town feel with a healthy dose of big-city opportunity. Growth is steady, but that doesn’t mean the unexpected won’t cause homeowners a sudden headache.

Much of the water damage Randolph residents deal with comes from simple sources like a failing dishwasher or an old water heater tank that finally gives out. When it happens, SERVPRO is ready to meet every disaster with the latest equipment and some of the best-trained personnel in the industry.

As an example, one homeowner recently walked in her front door with her kids to find that their downstairs toilet began flooding sometime after heading out for school. Fortunately, the leak was from a cracked tank so the water was still clean and not backed up from the sewer.

Our SERVPRO response team immediately shut-off the water after arriving on-site and began removal procedures. Since the water was spread thin throughout the home, technicians went directly to water extractors to remove several hundred gallons from the floors and carpets.

Thanks to the adjustable temperature option on the two devices they used, team members were able to increase the evaporation rate without causing damage to the wood flooring, carpets, and linoleum in the kitchen and bathroom. Unfortunately, the carpet pads had been underwater long enough to begin breaking down and required replacement.

As team members lifted carpets, other specialists examined the walls behind the baseboards. Most had just a little moisture, but the ones closest to the bathroom had absorbed a lot of water. To remove it, the specialists brought in air movers and directed warm, dry air over the surfaces to carefully force out the moisture. To draw it out of the home, they set up a box fan that pulled it from the hallway and out the front door.

For SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County, returning homes back to a dry, safe state is always our goal. For residents here or in Chester, Long Valley, and Mendham, call us at (973) 895-5000 today to find out more about what we can do for you. 

Click here for more information about Randolph.

We Are The Right Choice In Mendham Boro Water Damage Restoration

1/7/2020 (Permalink)

A ceiling in a home covered in water spots after a water damage disaster When this home suffered a water damage disaster we worked quickly to limit further damage and prevent mold growth.

When Light Wands Can Help with Extraction in Mendham Boro Homes

The discovery of a substantial water loss incident in your Mendham Boro home can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. Because so many homeowners have trusted in our expertise in water removal and drying, we have built a reputation as a name to trust in making water loss incidents “Like it never even happened.” Part of this equation is having the right tools and equipment for the job, such as light wands for extraction and specific cleaning processes.

Understanding the critical role that light wands play in water removal for Mendham Boro homes can show you the numerous steps involved in clearing out water damage correctly. Light wands are ideal for extraction efforts in carpeted areas, which are prevalent in modern homes. These devices can be useful once submersible pumps have reduced the standing water height beneath two inches.

These attachments are not pumps or vacuums on their own, but instead, get connected to either portable extraction devices or our larger truck-mount extractors. Often the truck extractor offers the most powerful removal strength, but mobile extraction units, including gas-powered trash pumps, can provide more versatility against the limitations of the truck approach. Our SERVPRO professionals can determine the best machines based on the size of the affected area and its ease of access with longer intake lines.

Once our team has removed what moisture the wand can, we can utilize more direct tools to finish drying out the water damage. Light wands can also play a role in the final cleaning and revitalization of these carpeted areas as well. The same tools are an integral part of hot water extraction cleaning techniques designed to break up soil and sediment in the carpeting and improve the look and feel of this flooring.

Having the right equipment for the job helps us to get projects done quickly and efficiently. No matter how severe water loss scenarios might become, you can depend on our expertise and extensive inventory of equipment to make it “Like it never even happened.” Give our SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County team a call today at (973) 895-5000.

See more about Mendham Boro.

Revealed: Team SERVPRO Offers Many Options to Remove Standing Water in Randolph

11/22/2019 (Permalink)

standing water in a basement Quick action can save the structure of your home from deteriorating. Contact SERVPRO immediately after damage.

When Electric Submersible Pumps Are Not Ideal for Randolph Homes

Removing standing water from Randolph homes is, fortunately, not a scenario that many homeowners contend with multiple times in their lives. However, it is something that our SERVPRO professionals must prepare for every day. Efficient solutions for extraction and drying are paramount to providing a cost-effective restoration approach, and often this begins with the use of our electric submersible pumps. As these are the standard with most water removal projects, it is essential to note when they do not work for residential customers in need.

With the options available to our restoration professionals to begin water removal in Randolph homes, choosing the right tool for the job is the difference in providing the least costly approach for homeowners. Here are some of the times where our team members might second guess the use of electric submersible pumps over other available options.

Available Power 

In some situations, power must get severed to a residence to protect our technicians or the occupants of the house. Instead of using a generator to supply power to an electric sump pump, our SERVPRO team can often get a more forceful suction that can address debris and other particulates in the water, with self-priming trash pumps powered by gasoline.

Depth of Standing Water 

Electric sump pumps can handle standing water above two inches, but at a lower depth than this, other tools are better for water removal. Beneath two inches, air can get pulled in with the water, causing the pump to lose prime.

Spread of Loss 

There are also instances in which these electric submersible pumps are not sufficient to handle the extensive spread of loss throughout a residence. With higher volumes of water spread out over an entire level of your household, more powerful extractors like the truck-mount option can help manage the situation more effectively.

While specific pumps often play a familiar role in the recovery of your house after a water loss incident, we have secondary tools and equipment that can meet the needs of your residence when portable sump pumps are not the best choice. Let our SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County professionals help however you need by calling (973) 895-5000.

Click here for more about the township of Randolph.

Mendham Water Puddles or Worse? For Water Damage Mitigation SERVPRO Provides the Solutions

10/2/2019 (Permalink)

Basement with water spillage needing drying Mendham Homeowners Call SERVPRO to Remove Water from Basements and Living Quarters

Water Removal After a Water Heater Leak in Your Mendham Home

Water heater leaks are not always immediately apparent. The longer they go unnoticed, the more likely you are to have damage in your home. Water seepage can migrate through many materials. Go through the proper water removal procedures to save your home from being harmed further.

Determining The Cause Of Your Water Heater Leak
There are different water removal services in Mendham that can find the cause of the water damage as well as you discovering the apparent source on your own. Because SERVPRO claims of We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, this company can provide a rapid response to mitigate the water damage.

Most appliances like this spring a leak from a loose or cracked valve which loosens over time, and without regular maintenance, they can deposit large amounts of water on the floor or subfloor. Also, the heater may be too highly pressurized on the inside. Excess pressure forces water out of the tank, and it can damage your walls or floors in short order.

Monitoring Equipment Determines Job Completion
SERVPRO technicians use thermal imaging cameras to determine the levels of moisture in an area. Moisture sensors, pronged or smooth, may also be used to check for dampness. These sensors are pushed into the carpet, all the way down to the pad, to find even the smallest hint of moisture. Mold growth can be stymied when the wet materials have been restored to standard moisture content levels of 12% or less.

It is necessary to figure out what type of water is present before the cleanup process starts. Water that leaks from the appliance are considered clean, Category 1 White Water (Gray Water for detergent bearing spillage.) This water can easily be removed without additional precautions or protections. Contaminated water from flooding and sewage (Category 3 Black Water), or urine-tainted toilet water (Category 2 Gray Water) requires special handling.

After the water is removed, dryers and dehumidifiers are set up to mitigate and clean the area thoroughly. This multi-step process is necessary to prevent further damage in your home properly, and to eliminate the damage that has already occurred.

Contact SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County for efficient water cleanup and damage restoration. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster. (973) 895-5000

See the options for sites to visit in your town by clicking here.

Rely on SERVPRO for Cleanup and Restoration for Your Damaged Randolph Home

8/14/2019 (Permalink)

Water damage can cause terrible odors and mold damage. Call the professionals at SERVPRO today for remediation assistance.

Hydroxyl Generating Machines Help Complete Water Damage Restoration Work in Randolph by Eliminating Odors

After our building services crew (working under General Contractor License # 13VH06013000) repairs a leak in your plumbing and our restoration team gets your home dried out and back to normal, you might notice new and unpleasant odors inside your Randolph home. Many residents assume we use an ozone generator for such situations, but we have an option that provides numerous benefits we cannot get with ozone.

Attacking the odors affecting your property in Randolph after finishing water damage mitigation and restoration becomes more effective with a hydroxyl generator. Part of the reason we choose to turn on our hydroxyl generators is that ozone can cause additional damage in many homes. Living things cannot survive in an environment flooded with high concentrations of ozone. Even fish in an aquarium can die if their tank's aeration system carries ozone into their container. Plants can also die when ozone competes for the carbon dioxide in the air.

Many other items can sustain damage from exposure to ozone. Items made out of rubber, many types of glue, and other substances might need additional restorative work if we were to use ozone. Instead of risking the condition of your home, we instead use a hydroxyl generator to perform deodorization.

Hydroxyl generators separate water vapor molecules (H2O) into single atoms of hydrogen and hydroxyl radicals (*OH). Once in the air, these actively break substances down into harmless pieces that cannot produce odor. Because we can run our machinery even while we continue working, the extra amount of time that it takes for adequate treatment of odors does not affect our schedule.

Because odors have been attacked from the start, the deodorization process ends up being more effective in the long run. This increased effectiveness occurs because hydroxyl radicals have had the opportunity to eat away at odor-causing molecules inside walls, under floated carpets, and other locations where odors come from before we finish mitigating water damage and restore these places.

When odor-causing substances remain after water damage mitigation, days of higher humidity can let these odors return. Using our hydroxyl generators instead of ozone machines prevents this from bothering your family in the future while protecting your belongings from the harm ozone can cause.

SERVPRO of Southwest Morris County also covers Mendham, Chester, their Boros, and Long Valley. Call us at (973) 895-5000 for effective odor control measures that destroy smells caused by water damage, fire, smoke, and other disasters. We can help you make your home a safe and comfortable place again.

Click here to learn more about Randolph. 

Protect Your Home From Plumbing Issues On Vacation

10/29/2018 (Permalink)

Flooded basement caused by broken pipe.

You’ve probably been saving up for this trip for a while, so why end a great vacation by coming home to water damage? While you’re enjoying the beach with your family, a small leak can turn into a more serious problem.

Make sure to safeguard your home against plumbing disasters by checking out the following tips

Check the Flapper Valve

The flapper valve is a simple mechanism in your toilet tank that allows it to refill after every flush. However, sometimes flapper valves can get hung up, causing them to not form a proper seal or close at all. When this happens, the water will continuously run in vain to fill up the tank. When you’re at home, you can easily hear the water running and quickly remedy the problem. However, if you’re not in your home, the water will continue to run, driving up your water bill.

Shut Off the Main Water Supply

If you are going on vacation for several weeks, it may give you extra peace of mind to shut off the main water supply. This will ensure that no leaks will happen while you’re away, preventing that scenario in your head where you come home to find significant water damage. Even if you aren’t going on vacation in the foreseeable future, it’s still a good idea to familiarize yourself with where your main water supply shut off is and how to use it. That way, during an emergency, you will be able to easily locate the main water supply and shut it off.

Shut Off Hot Water Heater

If you shut off the main water supply, make sure you also shut off the hot water heater. If you leave your hot water heater on without proper water supply, it will still continue to heat, potentially causing damage. Hot water heaters are used to heat water for showers, baths, and cleaning dishes and clothes. However, if no one is staying in your home during your absence, there’s no need to keep this system running.

Have Someone Check In

No doubt, you have a checklist of things to get done before heading for the airport. For example, when people leave for extended vacations, it’s common to have a friend or family member stop by the house to make sure the mail doesn’t pile up or to water the plants. However, make sure your designated person also checks the house for plumbing issues. A quick walk through the house should suffice to catch any leaking pipes before they become a larger problem. This strategy can save you from extensive water damage after a relaxing vacation.